Peabody Fossil Hunter

Tuesday, July 5

In Uncategorized on July 8, 2011 at 5:03 am

The Hoff Ranch north of Baker, North Dakota, houses all sorts of fossils, from a partially excavated Tyrannosaurus rex to a condylarth jaw Tyler found last summer. We spent the day crawling around areas of erosion with pieces of bone on the surface. We also picked through anthills, which have surfaces scattered with small fossil bits and teeth brought to the surface from burrowing ants.


A few vertebrae sticking out of the ground turned out to be a partially articulated hadrosaur, with 26 vertebrae, ribs, and a pelvic bone. We know a lot about hadrosaurs from a fossil Tyler found a few years ago, Dakota the “dinomummy,” whose lizard-like skin texture, webbed feet, and muscle mass are petrified along with its skeleton. A Nanotyrannus tooth (below) was found nearby.

Natasha found four mammal jaws, each about the length of a match. They likely belonged to condylarths.

A piece of a condylarth's lower jaw, with a few teeth included.


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